I have been a graphic designer using Photoshop since 2002 and started my interest in photography in early 2009.

If you have any questions regarding my images or would be interested in purchasing prints or the rights to use them, please contact me via digidiversity@gmail.com

All rights are reserved on my images.

This site is intended as both a way to find tutorials on photo manipulation / editing and a diary of my journey to learning more about photography.

The software I use is both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS.

For the purpose of the tutorials you can download the large versions of the subject image. Just click the image to be taken to the large version.

Please join the digital diversity group on flickr.


Here you can post your images you have created using the tutorials or based on articles from this site. Or you can post your own tutorials, leave suggestions and ask questions on the message board.


4 Responses to “Me and my images”

  1. Great to see your blog get off the ground bro! I’ll setup a link on my Blog roll to drive some traffic your way.

    Love the fly pictures and of course the one of Lucia, you must come round and take some of Scarlett!

  2. adwig said

    Thanks bro.

    Whats the link to yours? il add it to my blog roll as well.

  3. Brian said

    I have linked this blog to mine. Although I don’t believe it will generate much traffic for you, it will make it easier for me to check back for new tutorials.

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