To keep, or not to keep

October 21, 2009

This tutorial has been moved to

There are 2 areas I want to cover here.

• My workflow from start to finish

• Do I really want to delete that shot?

What shots do you delete? Do you shoot Jpeg and keep them all? Do you shoot RAW, save just the keepers in RAW and Jpeg the rest? Do you keep all the RAWs? Do you delete all your out of focus and badly exposed shots but keep the rest?…….


4 Responses to “To keep, or not to keep”

  1. Wonderful post to read.
    I will think twice before deleting any image.

    You are really adding a lot here. Your blog is a special item in my bookmark

  2. allansjackson said

    You certainly did a good job on saving those sample pictures. As far as workflow goes, I agree with much of what you say and share your feeling about not being too hasty to delete pictures. I don’t delete anything until a couple of weeks have passed.

    As far as workflow goes, I have adopted Lightroom as my main organising and viewing tool. I shoot only RAW, and import into Lightroom. I usually have a first viewing of the pictures with Faststone because Lightroom is rather slow building previews.

    I will then use Lightroom to process the pictures I specifically need for making prints, for Flickr, or whatever. Processed pictures are then exported from RAW to .jpgs but I don’t necessarily keep all the jpegs because it’s so easy to make others from the stored RAWs.

    The absolute rejects are marked as such along the way and only deleted much later after all they are viewed again.

  3. Another nice article. I agree completely. So many things I read online advocate only keeping your best shots and many photographers don’t go back to review rejects, but I think it depends on your personal working style.

    We seem to think in tandem. 🙂 I just wrote a similar article:

  4. Patricia said

    Wow, this is inspirational! I shall definitely go back and look at my (many!) not-quite-right shots and see what I can salvage.

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