Dodge and Burn

September 8, 2009

This tutorial has been moved to

The dodge and burn tools are perfect for changing areas of light and shadow to give a more dramatic effect.

What these 2 tools do is darken or lighten the shadows, highlights or midtones of an image using a brush tool. Just some of these tools uses are to lighten harsh shadows, darken areas that are to light, create dramatic images by increasing the shadow areas, alter exposure problems and add depth a textured surface……


3 Responses to “Dodge and Burn”

  1. Cwiddie said

    Fan bloody tastic!!!!!

  2. jenni0206 said

    Also remember that you can modulate the strength of the effect by changing the opacity of the layer itself. I often burn-in at a stronger strength (say, 50%) then adjust the slider on the layer until I find just the right mix. For me, this is a more convenient way of seeing the effect.

    • adwig said

      yes, but using a strength of 10% you can go over a few times and build up the effect slowly. Also different areas will want different strengths applied to them. Its more accurate and you can always still adjust the opacity afterwards.

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