A focus on exposure

August 17, 2009

This tutorial has been moved to http://www.digidiversity.co.uk/2009/08/a-focus-on-exposure/

Focus and exposure are the two most important technical parts of photography. If the focus is off you get a blurred shot and if the exposure is off then your image can have detail loss that you may not be able to recover…..


7 Responses to “A focus on exposure”

  1. Gerry said

    Thanks again for an exceptionally well written piece, and also so easy to understand…. this is much better than any photographic books I have read.
    “Keep up the good work” is a cliche saying, but I really do apprecaiate the time and effort you must put into these dissertations !

  2. pinkermun said

    Thanks you for your guidance ..
    Two question :
    – I always metering in spot , then set AE , and spot focus …I use it in all time for every subject ..even take potrait photo, I wonder if face detection go wrong ….? ( FZ28 ) .
    – For Macro – close up shot, what ‘s focusing type you do ? Manual focus ? For me It’s a problem, when I try to manual focus, the object ( insect … ) run away …

    • adwig said

      things like face detection are to make it easier for more casual users. People who want more control will normal stick to spot focusing. I almost always do. As stated i use both evaluative and spot metering depending on the lighting.

      For macro using the cameras lens i use spot focusing still in the same way as normal modes. Only when i use the raynox macro converter do i use manual because the focus range is only about 1 cm either way.

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  4. pinkermun said

    Thanks adwise !

    ” For macro using the cameras lens i use spot focusing still in the same way as normal modes.”
    for above, what do you mean cameras lenz for macro ? you mean DSL-R lenz attach to FZ28 ?
    If not, have you ever try it ?

    Have a Nice day !

    • adwig said

      all i mean by that is when not using a macro lens such as the raynox 250. So when using the fz28 without any addition lenses attached.

      I have no idea about using DSLR lenses with a bridge camera or even if its possible.

  5. Piyush said

    Exceptionally well written…
    I am glad you wrote this, and would suggest you change the Title to “A focus on Exposure: The ultimate”

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