Basic photo processing

August 13, 2009

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There seem to be two kinds of people in the digital photography world when it comes to post processing. Those that do it and those that don’t. I have met many people that seem to think post processing an image is cheating. This really doesn’t make any sense at all. That’s like saying that people cheated with film cameras by using a darkroom to process their images. After all programs like Photoshop are essentially just a digital dark room. Surly its more of a cheat to try and get a camera that does that all for you. I was always under the impression that cheats did as little as possible, not extra work……..


2 Responses to “Basic photo processing”

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  2. Funny, I was just thinking about writing on the subject of how one might think it is cheating to post-process. I worked for 8 years at a Professional photo lab. I don’t think there is a negative that exists that won’t require burning and dodging. If you’ve ever seen a before / after of Ansel Adam’s “Moonrise over Hernandez” you’d be amazed at the amount of darkroom work it took to make that image. The same is true of today’s digital post-processing. I see a lot of images on art sites that would be great, if the person had done some simple corrections. Good Tutorial.

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